ECU removal guide MTS 1200S

The following guide shows you how to remove the factory ECU from a Multistrada 1200S. The 2012 model uses a unit by Mitsubishi.

Multistrada 1200S 2012 ECU

Multistrada 1200S 2012 ECU

First things first, remove the battery from your bike.

Multistrada battery

Next take-off the three plastic covers, from the left side of the bike. You don’t have to remove the fuel tank to access the ECU.


Start by removing the black cover next to the handlebar. It is hold by 3 screws.


Next remove the red side-cover, hold by multiple screws. The third, black cover is attached to this.



You will see some cables. The ECU sits between the fuel tank, and the handlebar. It’s a square black box, about 15 x 15 x 3 cm.


To be able to rotate it, you must first remove the  8mm screw next to it.MultistradaECU8

The same on the top side.


You will see that the ECU is hold by a large plastic clip. This uses a torx screw not an alen. Use the appropriate tools, as there is not much space between the ECU and the fuel tank.


Finally remove the two cables/sockets attached to the bottom of the ECU, which are hold from the back side. Unlock them with a flat screwdriver.


Multistrada 1200S 2012 ECU

Multistrada 1200S 2012 ECU

Remember that remapping your ECU will void your factory warranty.


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