Installing the Mivv Suono and Decat and a Multistrada 1200

The Multistrada has been a pleasure to ride on the highway as it comes from the factory. It doesn’t have that old-school carburator Ducati sound though, due to its silent exhaust system.

After doing a small market-research, I ended up ordering the Mivv Decat pipe. The decat fits on all Multistrada models (2010 – 2013) with or without center stand. That’s an improvement from the previous Multistrada (2006-2009) Mivv decat pipe, that could not be fitted with the center stand.

Be aware that currently available after-market exhausts (both Mivv, LeoVince, and Akrapovic) cannot eliminate completely the exhaust valve system (found within the factory silencer). Why this is important? Because to install the Mivv you will need 2 minutes to disable the exhaust valve system, whereas in an Akrapovic it will take you about 2 hours. Read more, for installation instructions and tips.

Instaling the Mivv Suono.

Original exhaust

1. It will take you anything between 2- 6 hours to install this. Study the original parts before proceeding.

Multistrada exhaust shield cover

2. Start by removing the  exhaust shield protectors (comes in three parts).

Multistrada center stand

3. If you own a center stand, it has to be removed for a while, as to access the remaining bolts.

Multistrada center stand removed

4. Center stand removed- can be installed back at the end.

Multistrada exhaust valve adjustment part

5. Open the silencer from the side, and you will see the exhaust valve cable.

Exhaust adjustment valve open

6. Unscrew the 10mm nut, and release the wire.

Front cylinder exhaust pipe

7. Next you have to loosen the original exhaust, as to install the decat pipe. Locate the 3 bolts attached to the front cylinder, and unscrew each of them until the pipe starts to feel loose.

Exhaust springs Ducati Multistrada

8. Remove the springs that hold the original exhaust pipe in its place.

Unscrew catalytic converter

9. The catalytic converter that is part of the original exhaust comes as one piece. Locate and remove all screws attached to it.

Original exhaust removed

10. The original pipes removed. You can hit the pipes with a rubber hummer, if needed. Push and twist the pipes downwards until they start moving, and the whole system falls to the ground.

Mivv Decat pipe

11. Comparing the original parts with the Mivv Decat-  7kg less weight.

Mivv decat pipe in place

12. Intalling the Decat after this point is easy.

Multistrada exhaust spring

13. Place the springs that came with the kit and the original ones, in their place.

Mivv decat with center stand

14. The Mivv kit can be used with the center stand. You will notice a small rubber stopper on the package that comes here.

Mivv Suono with springs

15. Next install the Mivv Suono silencer, and the springs that came with it in their position.

Multistrada Heat shield

16. Re-install the exhaust shield in its place.

Mivv Suono heat shield

17. Insert the Mivv silencer heat shield in its place.

Exhaust valve wire mod

18. Insert only 1 of the 2 wire tighting parts, that came with the kit to the exhaust valve wire. Place the spring before the nut.

Multistrada ECU error

19. Once you turn on the inginition, you should hear the wire moving (ECU checkup). If the wire doesn’t have enough space to move, you will see an error message on the small gauge of the Multistrada. Adjust the wire tighting part accordingly in that case.

Mivv Suono closeup steel black

20. The Mivv Suono after first test ride- and ready to go.

Eat, Sleep and Ride!



7 thoughts on “Installing the Mivv Suono and Decat and a Multistrada 1200

  1. I followed your instructions this weekend and fitted a Mivv decat successfully to a 2012 MTS touring. Many thanks for the thorough and well illustrated details, it meant this novice could enjoy the work with confidence. The only issue I have left is the servo overide which works, but worries me? I’ve ordered a Duc-EE for a more permanent and hopefully secure solution. Many thanks.

  2. Nice write up, was there no need to remap the engine due to the decat? There is less resistence down the line, right?

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