DIY GoPro mount for motorcycle

This is a straighforward tutorial on attaching your GoPro to your motorcycle. The idea is to get a view from the back of the bike, while cruising. Let’s get to the point!

Start by sourcing the parts:

GoPro DIY mount

1. You will need the GoPro tripod mount (cheap!), and a long 5-6mm screw

Attaching the camera:

Ducati back view

1. This a were the camera will be mounted. The backside of the Ducati Multistrada 1200

Replace screw

2. Replace the original screw from your luggage stand, with the longer screw (5-6mm allen)

GoPro tripod mount

3. Attach the GoPro tripod mount to the camera. This is a multipurpose part that you should get, if you don’t have it already.

GoPro upside setting

4. Before attaching the camera, you can select the video to be recorded upside down. Go to Settings> More > UP, on your GoPro.

GoPro attachment

5. The longer screw will come to the other side of the stand. That will allow you to screw the GoPro on it.

Multistrada GoPro backside

6. Ready to hit the road!

Eat, Sleep and Ride!



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