Installing the Garmin Zumo 350LM on a Ducati Multistrada 1200

Recently I have been searching for the best way to install a GPS on the Multistrada. After trying different devices and accessories (on several trips) I chose to combine the excellent Navihalter GPS stand (, with the Garmin Zumo 350LM.

More detailed information of the GPS model can be found on Garmin’s website:

When using the original Ducati accessory you have to turn your head very low, as to read the GPS. That’s not good when you are riding within a busy city. So let’s get up to the point!

Start by installing the Navihalter:

Multistrada windscreen

1. Remove the Ducati Multistrada 1200 windscreen (3 allen screws)

Navihalter GPS stand

2. Place the Navihalter to the bike, using the 2 supplied brackets (4 allen screws)

Next install the Garmin Zumo:

Multi front fairing

1. Remove the  front plastic cover from the bike (2 allen screws)

Multi front low fairing

2. Next screw is on the bottom (1 allen)

Multi side fairing

3. Remove the side fairing  (4-5 allen screws)

Multi small side fairing

4. Next you need to wire the navigator to the bike.

Multi GPS electricity

5. Luckily the Ducati Multistrada has a connector that can be used (white color). Hardwire the cables beforehand. If the GPS does not seem to charge,  cables plus (+) and minus (-) might need to be reversed.

Garmin diagnostic screen

6. To see if any electricity is passing, press and hold the navigator’s battery icon (top right corner) for  5 seconds. That will open the diagnostic screen.

Garmin cables

7. Squeeze the cabling behind the fairings. You can use some plastic fasterners, as to keep them in order.

Zumo charger

8. Install the Garmin Zumo 350LM charger, to the Navihalter stand (2 allen screws).

Zumo charger screws

9. As not to bend the Zumo’s cables too much, I placed a few bots between the two metallic plates.

Zumo back cables

10. I made a small hole on the back of the Navihalter plate, as to pass the Zumo cable more easily.

Multistrada windscreen

11. Double-check your wiring and then re-install the windscreen and the fairing.

Garmin Zumo installed

12. The final result! Both the Ducati dashboard and the Zumo screen, can be viewed now easily.

Zumo turning-off

13. One cool feature of the Garmin Zumo 350LM, is that it will turn-off itself, when you switch-off the Multistrada. Less buttons to hassle with, saves some time on a long trip.

Eat, Sleep, and Ride!



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