GoPro with action ball-head

Finding the right filming angle when taking a GoPro Hero for a ride, can be a difficult task. A ball head is used by photographers, to place the camera in the correct angle easily. Why not to utilize this approach when filming from your motorcycle?

For this I decided to go with a second hand, Manfrotto mini ball-head that can he rotated 360+ degrees. This way I could shoot both front and behind, as well as my lovely Ducati Multistrada’s digital dashboard. Let’s get to the point!

You will need the following parts:

GoPro holder parts

1. Here is what I used: The Manfrotto 342 ball head (492 is more recent, but anyone will do), a special screw to change the size (seen in golden color), the GoPro Hero2 camera, the GoPro tripod mount (seen above the camera), some plastic to avoid scratches, and a spare mount from my previous GPS.

Start by installing the holder:

Spare navi holder

1. You need to install the holder on your handlebar. I chose to place it as far as possible from the dashboard. Be aware that the GoPro Hero2, has a minimum focus distance of  about 8 inches/ 20 centimetres.

Old navi holder

2. The screws have to be tightened quite a bit as to avoid a shaking effect.

GoPro Hero2 on tripod mount

3. Next place the GoPro Hero on the tripod mount, to test the steering angle. For your bike’s windscreen safety, do this before you go for a ride (!)

GoPro Hero on Manfrotto

4. Now comes the time to place the Manfrotto mini ball head, between the GoPro tripod mount, and the handlebar holder.

GoPro front view

5. As seen the GoPro Hero, now faces to the front steadily.

GoPro facing the dashboard

6. If you wish to film the dashboard, you can do so by moving the Manfrotto ball head. No need to re-adjust the GoPro Hero’s nuts.

GoPro facing back

7. Easy to film also backwards, with the ball head attached to the camera.

Eat, Sleep and Ride!



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